Salomon's career began in music and sound design after recording his own tracks during his formative years spent in Johannesburg. Following his parents work, stints in Dubai and Sydney followed where he was influenced and absorbed by the culture and music around him.

He naturally evolved to writing and scoring films before picking up the camera himself and directing self or Kickstarter funded projects most notably 'Anomaly' which grew from a two minute short to a thirty eight minute Independent Film that was widely inspired other film makers to use crowd funding. 

Salomon's films take on a beautiful style of cinematic storytelling always with a human story at its core. His body of work is growing at such a rate with with short films like 'Rocket Wars' documenting the stunning aerial fireworks battle of a Greek village with commercials for Audi, Valvoline and others as well as music videos for artists like Daughter and Young Fathers. 

Salomon now calls New York City home with his young family.