London based directing duo Wilkins & Maguire came together while working on the BAFTA nominated documentary ‘Gypsy Blood’, which tells the stories of bareknuckle fighters within the traveller community and the tradition handed down from father to son. Maguire followed up with TV sensation ‘Dogging Tales’, an intimate documentary about the very British world of strangers who have sex in public.

Their most recent work as a duo has seen them rig cow and hen farms with cameras as part of Waitrose/ Adam and Eve/DDB’s highly praised 2016 ‘slow ad’ campaign, described in Creative Review as both “surreal and delightful”. 

'Iris' captures an intimate portrait on how one little girl with Autism uses art as a window into her world for Sony's latest ActionCam. And an empowering charity campaign for Breast Cancer Now shows the strength of real women dealing with Breast Cancer, revealing that by 2050 there will be a 'Last One.'

As storyteller’s Leo and Robert’s ability to shine a light, gain the trust of a subject and to tell their story through film is unrivalled.