The Path
Poverty Is Sexist


Chiara was born in Vienna and raised by its cynical humour. She now lives in Germany where she previously studied film. Here she discovered that the best way to think, write and create ideas was on the Trans-Siberian railway. In 2015 on a train from Vienna to Munich, crowded with Syrian refugees, Chiara was inspired to create Moonjourney: a heartbreaking story of a young girl that is charmingly led to believe her fleeing is in fact a trip to the moon. Moonjourney has won awards at the Cannes Young Director Awards, the Clio Awards and the New York Advertising Festival. It has also been shortlisted at the D&AD Awards. Whether it is a short or long piece, Chiara's objective is to tell a story, empathise with it, find its magic and make it visible for everyone. She creates cinematic and authentic images in combination with honest and precise performances by actors to trigger strong emotions within audiences, be it love, joy, anger or laughter. Chiara also writes and directs a comedy series. A generation Y portrait about people you meet every day and those you don’t. It conveys life in your late twenties and the search for…for what exactly?