Eliot Rausch

Breathe Free
We Are Greater Than I
Still I Rise
The Journey
A Cheers to Canada
Perfecting the Journey
Liberty Fields
The Gold Within


Eliot Rausch is an interdisciplinary storyteller. A native Angeleno who graduated CSULB with a BFA. A young editor and documentarian who launched an expansive international film career on the heels of a docu-series examining human frailty. Last Minutes with Oden won the Documentary Award and Grand Prize at the Vimeo Festival, Time Magazine honored it as one of the most important moments of 2010. Working with brands ranging from The Red Cross, LA28, Veteran Affairs of America, to Google and Apple, Eliot has garnished other noteworthy accolades. His short film “Find Your Understanding,” created for Expedia, was awarded “Most Tear-Jerking Viral Ad of the Year” by Ad Age and one of TED's 10 Best Ads of the Year. While developing personal work surrounding Alzheimer’s and ALS, Eliot won a Cannes Lion and Clio award for a series honoring those living with multiple sclerosis. His partnership with the Department of Justice and Futures without Violence helped launch a multi-year “Changing Minds” film campaign, that addressed children’s exposure to violence and childhood trauma. Alongside Alejandro González Iñárritu, he directed the documentary "A World Unseen,” a complimentary piece to “The Revenant,” and an exposé on climate change. In recent years Eliot has created films and communal gatherings intended to collectively explore modernities struggles with human commodification and the puer aeternus syndrome. When not running after his muse or relishing in the love of his family, Eliot dedicates his free time to working with recovering alcoholics.
Eliot Rausch