Keith McCarthy

Play Less Nice
Open To Better
Lionel Messi Engage
Battle of Dinnertime
One Day They Will Understand
The Original Extreme Sport


Keith McCarthy built his reputation as a Senior Creative and Director at Channel 4's award winning in-house agency, 4Creative. With a background in screenwriting that fuelled Keith’s passion for Direction, his work combines stunning cinematography and a wry, occasionally mischievous, sense of humour. His innovative work for C4’s The Grand National and unique visual comedic style not only struck a chord in the UK but has also found a voice in markets as wide and varied as the US, China and France. The result has seen recent collaborations include Nike, VW, Coca Cola, Samsung and Adidas. Keith has been recognised at multiple awards including BAFTA, D&AD, British Arrows, Cannes Lions and Creative Circle to name a few.
Keith McCarthy