The Fridman Sisters

The Doll I’ve Never Asked for
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The sisters Lina and Maira, better known as the Fridman Sisters, grew up in and around their father’s photography darkroom and mother’s arts studio, where they nurtured their fascination for moving images. After seven years working as production designers the duo moved into directing and established a highly cinematic and art directed film style. They draw upon their dreams and references collected through their journeys worldwide to conceive a very detailed and visual universe. In 2019, they directed the acclaimed Nike commercial "The Doll I've Never Asked For", telling the story of the Brazilian footballer Andressa Alves. Among many accolades, the film won Silver at the Young Director Awards Wieden+Kennedy/ São Paulo. They were also finalists at The Art Director’s Club Young Guns awards and won the On The Cusp of Greatness award at 1.4. Among their most recent work, they have collaborated with brands such as Volkswagen, McDonald’s and Ambev.
The Fridman Sisters