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Mayer began directing for Vans at 14 while still in high school, traveling the world with their professional snowboarders, skaters and surfers. He left high school early, moved into a van, and drove from New York to California. This turned out to be a surprisingly good idea. He met Eliot Rausch through his ongoing Vans collaborations, who became his mentor.

Now 23 and based in Los Angeles, Mayer’s recent works include projects for Vans, Google, Gatorade, Samsung, Skoda, and Under Armour. He collaborated with Wieden+Kennedy Portland on a film about Russell Westbrook for Samsung, which Mashable called “the perfect ad.” Most recently, Will has been in post-production on a feature-length documentary illustrating the life of snowboarder Shaun White. The documentary will be released winter of 2018.

Other film projects include “Tangle,” released on Nowness, which documents the underground hardcore band Trash Talk’s week long tour through Japan, and “Sea Pilgrim,”a soon to be released meditative short that depicts the untraditional life of Brazilian sailor,Tassio Azambuja, and his eight year journey at sea.

Informed by his documentarian background, Mayer’s work aims to explore the human condition in an authentic and empathic manner. Attempts to define his work might result in phrases like “high-art doc-narrative hybrid,” but ultimately, each piece he makes aims for emotion and honesty, infused with a bit of the unknown.

Will Mayer