Biography is a creative collective that has been trying to redefine the boundaries of aesthetic
perception. since its founding in düsseldorf just one year ago they’re focusing in rather weird,
digitally generated media. doesn’t only use a multitude of nerdy cutting-edge
techniques in the field of ai, coding and visual programming, they’re also abusing various
creative softwares to achieve a unique style that treats you like a cat treats his human.
the 4 faces behind the alias all come from professional backgrounds in photography, film
production, and motion design studios, leaving these behind to follow their shared passion to
explore their own visual storytelling territories. within the past 12 months they caught the
attention of clients such as Mercedes AMG, Nike, Iris van Herpen, Moderat, RIN, Adidas, and
many others. additionally, their art installations have seen venues like NRW Forum, Fusion
Festival, and Architectural Digest Berlin, captivating audiences with their bold and strange