Foam Studio


Since 2001, Zeitguised has been the strange, obscure twin of contemporary zeitgeist imagineering. Zeitguised is based in Berlin, and is the brainchild of American sculpture/fashion grad Jamie Raap and German engineering/architecture obsessive Henrik Mauler. Zeitguised's high gloss art school 3D punk blends complex geometries, surreal objects, artificial behaviors and the recycling of digital readymades into their distinct hallucinatory narration style.

Toyota, Verizon, Mercedes, MTV, and Vodafone have engaged Zeitguised to create unique CG universes with their own rules and aesthetics. Zeitguised pushed the limits and understanding of what is CG as an art form when they created the short 'Peripetics', a piece that alters the perception of gallery installations by suspending the rules of cg and fine art at the same time. Zeitguised most welcomes the challenge of deconstructing conventional narratives and then rebuilding them into unstable structures of color, shape and spatial motion, in order to establish new, artificial narratives where the surface is the content, color and form and motion itself are the protagonists. Their work constantly goes perpendicular to mainstream expectations.