Beatrice Pegard

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Beatrice Pegard is a French-Australian writer and director. She received an MA and a PhD in Political and Environmental Sciences, studied writing at Harvard and attended the Atlantic Acting School and NIDA before joining the Sydney Film School. With a mixed background in science and art, she is drawn to the interplay between form and content in exuberant fashion, narrative, music video and commercial work.  Beatrice’s aesthetic mixes surrealism, irreverence, nostalgia and anachronistic imagery always with a keen interest for performance, choreography and VFX. Whilst experimenting with sustainable filmmaking, she plays with theoretical concepts, in-camera tricks and visual effects in music videos for the likes of The Midnight Juggernauts, Parcels and Grizzly Bear. Her work as a director has been widely featured and has earned many awards, nominations and publications, amongst which the Gestalten’s Papercraft series, the ABC Triple J Awards, the British Film Institute BUG London Festival, Berlin MVAs, Ciclope, 1.4, Rolling Stone and Vogue.